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Do you know that experts recommend that rugs be cleaned at least once every 12 months? Or that your rugs can slowly become full of allergens and harmful bacteria? Cleaning your rugs and carpets periodically should be one of your primary concerns. However, how do you find a reliable rug cleaning company in Suffolk County? You can search all over the Web for reviews and then compare the different services available in your area. Or you can simply give us a quick call at 631-230-0799 !

Let our expert rug cleaners help you. We are the best rug cleaning company Suffolk County, but you shouldn't believe us just because we say so. We have received hundreds of awesome reviews from our clients and you are free to read them. See for yourself why you should choose our rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services in Suffolk County.

Exceptional Rug Cleaning Services

Our rug cleaning services are simple exceptional. We are not usually the ones to boast about the quality of our work; we are just stating the truth. And truth be told, you won't get better customer service elsewhere. Our word is our bond. When you order our rug cleaning or carpet cleaning service in Suffolk County, you can be sure that your items will be cleaned perfectly. On top of this, we offer an amazing 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We promise that you will get the best customer service possible. Need more reasons to pick us? Here are some other reasons:

Holiday appointments welcome

Making appointments is very easy

Affordable prices for ALL services

Insured, licensed and bonded professionals

We provide FREE estimates

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

Our company is local

Weekend appointments possible


Get FREE Pickup and FREE Delivery

Our professional rug cleaning services are exemplary in Suffolk County. We have more than enough clients already. However, we are all about helping everyone in the area have clean rugs and carpets. It's a matter of principle for us. As such, Carpet Carpet Cleaning Suffolk County offers free pickup and free delivery services in Suffolk County. Yes, we will come to you to collect the items and will then return them to you – free of charge.

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Any Rug, Any Size, Any Shape

Carpet Carpet Cleaning Suffolk County is the place where you can get your rugs and carpets cleaned. We offer the best rug cleaning services in Suffolk County. Furthermore, we are happy to say that our experts can clean absolutely any rug. You can give us any type of rug and we will get it cleaned regardless of its size or shape. Here are some examples of rugs we clean frequently:

Persian rugs

Handmade rugs

Wool rugs

Area rugs

Silk rugs

Indian rugs

Oriental rugs

Moroccan rugs

And many more


Rugs and Carpets Are Hand-Washed

We know we could save time and money by using industrial machines to wash rugs and carpets. But we choose not to. We do this because we know that these machines damage your precious rugs. They also require strong detergents to work. No, we prefer to wash every rug and carpet by hand. This ensures you get the best possible results from our carpet cleaning service.

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When you want top notch carpet cleaning in Suffolk County, remember that Carpet Carpet Cleaning Suffolk County is just one phone call away: 631-230-0799.